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Original Name: 71

Genre: Action, Drama, Movies, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.8


Release Date: 10 October 2014


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Download 71 Full Movie and it is 2014 Hollywood action, drama and War film directed by Yann Demange. A British soldier was abandoned youth accidentally confused by his unit after the deadly riot in the streets of Belfast in 1971. ’71 Opens with two young soldiers beating the crap out of each other in the Army boxing. Protection headless, vacant. Youth are difficult and “good guys” in the words of his drill sergeant, but this is also a moment of very different when we were the first to see their faces stained with blood, which is a confusing time for everyone involved in the history and the true facts in which takes place. This is the confusion, ignorance, and the futility of all that is ’71 gives the edge of the other horror films are stripped, and the goal is simple from the beginning and remains easy to finish. To survive.

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We strive Gary Hawk, one of the soldiers above in the front line in Belfast in 1971, and like most men, you probably think that I would be sent to a base in Berlin and never see and pointed a gun in anger, but put the harsh reality of the war it without having to set foot on foreign soil. Hook and his team to form a human wall on the Falls Road, where the dividing line between Protestants and Catholics together, for unknown reasons. Officer hit seven shades of shit out of harbourer weapons suspected IRA in a house behind them like an angry crowd begins to form. The stage is set hook soon be separated from his squadron alone behind enemy lines.

The faces of many of the men to kill the hook (and any soldier like him) is not the oldest of the British soldiers themselves, and some even smaller. They tell you that “shit back to England” or “outside Belfast alone,” but do you know why they say these things, or why are filled with a lot of anger? The film shows the young Republicans as a single unit, but asks us to wonder why these men are drawn to violence and if they knew what they were killed. Hawk in the scene are forced to lead a life at the height of “catch it” very tense sequence, but instead of the heroic struggle of death can be the most bitter seen in a movie this year. Hawk, if born in another country, it can be one on the other end.

Moreover, the film is intentionally vague when it comes to the loyalty of those who were forced or not, and support in all parts of the hook of the film. It is, after all, in their “side”, but if human life deserves protection from violent retaliation looms on the film like the smoke from the explosions that light up the night sky above Belfast. The film most of the movie happens at night only adds to the confusion. It seems the entire geography can determine the same, not something as a friend or an enemy, and the streets look like an urban jungle where one should be seen outside at night, safe from predators and prey.

As an effort for the first time, shows the director Yan presence demange great skill in achieving a balance between character, theme, and tension tighten the teeth to ensure that the film rarely allows any element helps to raise over horror films other that makes you need to add pieces twisted to earn artificially public participation. Parts of the film reminded me of Bloody Sunday majestic Paul Greengrass, who is also in the same period, and in particular the use and presence of demange camera in hand to capture the frenetic nature of the foot chase of life or death after the incident, the shell of the explosion, or severe pain to sew up the wound. Must be a lot of praise also goes to Jack O Connell “as Hawke, who asked him to do a lot of representation while having a dialogue, not almost in spite of having more screen time than anyone else. There is no language of” right and wrong “or” what the hell is this war everything anyway? “monologue for the hook is just a man trying to survive. O ‘Connell reminds me (on the subject of Paul Greengrass), a young Matt Damon. guy has a bright future too in front of him if his work in this film is an indicator his talent. at the time of writing this report, I have yet to see another version in 2014 starring above, but high on my list after this performance.

’71 Could not get on the technology of modern war and the establishment of Belfast in 1970 and refreshing to see on the big screen. It is a film that manages to be many things at one time, and offer something for most viewers, but history is every movie they have. With a lot of work goes apparent, and I hope the fans get as much of it as I have done for him is bright for British film star.

Less debt to Jim Sheridan, the name of the parent or Paul Greengrass’ Bloody Sunday and Walter Hill Warriors and assaulting John Carpenter on Precinct 13, this story squaddie young people lost in the streets of Belfast during the unrest has performance last great Tri rising star Jack O’Connell. After that sunk his teeth in so shine (as the physical vibrant young Malcolm McDowell), and it appears O’Connell weakness win this movie muscles, bad mood, having a foot in specific prison riots in recent history is also true and the other in dreamscapes film post-apocalyptic. work may take place in Northern Ireland in 1970 , but the bombing of buildings and streets with barricades and burning buses that provide background glow ocher conjure the ghost of John Hillcoat in the road or even George Miller mad Max – a wasteland of semi-immortal -mítica, cleanser conflict.

Hawk’s Gary O’Connell plays a clutch boy sent Derby for “urgent” in Belfast, was told curtly that “not abroad.” On the first day of operations, and wet behind the ears hook regiment deployed in the Falls Road to assist the RUC in a house to house search, the ferocity of which then cause a riot. Bricks are thrown, shots were fired, and the chaos that ensues is separated Hawk and fellow soldier from his comrades. The army fought retreat Hawk escapes terror in the streets of an unfamiliar, trapped behind enemy lines, waiting in the darkness of the night to try to escape.

Although the title refers specifically to that year and was re-arrest, the scenario Black Watch writer Gregory Burke apparently inspired by the famous Niagara curfew in July 1970, when nationalist forces prevented stronghold after a home inspection by weapons became pitched- battle-cum-site. In the brawl that followed, riots broke out not only among the population and their leaders assumed, but between the officer and the Provisional IRA newly emerging. Appropriately, ’71 depends on the non-political nihilism, which represents an internal competition where everyone is rampant in each other’s throats: nationalists and supporters. The army and the RUC. squaddies and undercover agents Reaction Force fighter; officials and foot soldiers – on both sides of the divide. Amid this chaos is the hook, with the help of random and / or hunted regardless of their loyalty nominal. Asked whether he is Catholic or Protestant, answered sadly, “I do not know …”

She was born in France and raised in London, and her first Lian presence demange (best known for Top Boy TV) admits that his point of view on the Gordian knot of Irish history is that of an outsider, a position of the film is still firmly. See current events through the eyes of a young man who has no idea of the complexity of the conflict, which has gone down, or that he was fighting the case. If the movie contains the agenda, is simply to show that these fighters are young and obscenity evenly without electricity – describes the line on behalf of military life mature, “says the rich pussies pussies pussies poor dumb to kill.” Inevitably, there will be cries of exploitation, a charge made against the underrated Resurrection Man Marc Evans, whose interpretation of the controversial and brutally honest as the Shankill Butchers story of vampires latterday. There are some Joe crepuscular in 71 Evans, cinematographer Tat Radcliffe 16MM spending grain Verite sequences daytime (chases on foot is the courage incredible) halo mysterious of digital technology to chip night spooky, all streets Blur, landscapes misty, dark alleys and thoughtful. I remembered also the quality surreal scene “beloved sons” Philip Kaufman from the Wanderers, who faced young Bronx unsuspecting walker in the fog of semi-legendary Irish band where latent nightmarish apparitions.

Holding it all together is an excellent score by David Holmes, chiming guitars and drums Alarum hanging over a bed of debris samples sounds and chords and melodies sad demodulated leave the foundation of discord and unrest. Sound design is crucial in everything; especially arrest (and historically accurate) scene finds hit their wives steel dustbin-lids on the sidewalks and armored vehicles roll on the streets, crash cacophony that instills a growing wave of concern among students and the public of the new alike. Later, when he goes to work to apartments Divis (Park Hill estate in Sheffield duplication Belfast, along with Blackburn and Liverpool), uses the presence of demange result mysterious Holmes (which could be heard in the group) to generate both increase tension and malaise mysterious stranger.

Good performances by the cast a good selection in addition to the impact, with applause special goes to Sean Harris as an undercover agent killers weasel instincts rats inside the skull, and Sam Reid and the officer luxury boy woefully from its depths in the streets of the working class that is definitely “another state “- or perhaps more accurately another world.

The film has received rave reviews since the first week of release at the end of last week, which opened in teh middle top of the screen after the second Hollywood film Gone Girl. Expanded its launch, doubling the size of the release in Ireland at the end of this week. Attempts by the army inside and outside the “glamor” of military life is “disgusting”, according to the movie star life represents the British in Northern Ireland at the height of the unrest, and almost joined the army because of the perception of “ideals manipulated.”

’71, And the first feature film directed by Frenchman Yan presence demange, see old actor 24-year-old Jack O Connell played Hawk’s Gary, a soldier in the teen who sent Derby to Belfast on a tour of duty in 1971, when some of the worst violence sectarian occurred. After a confrontation between the RUC and the Catholic residents of the neighborhood, are left hook your behind enemy lines, and at the mercy of extremists on both sides.

O’Connell, who also grew in the Derby, and he says he feels affinity with the role – at the age of 15, he also seriously consider the signing of military life. “It was a bit like Gary Hawk, although certainly more educated on something such as Northern Ireland because I’m half Irish,” he says.
“But the reason for Gary to join the army is not political, because it is personal – you’re looking for that feeling of belonging. “I have been affected by the same kind of publicity – There was a time in my life when I wanted to join the army, and perhaps for all the wrong reasons, and now I feel like I dodged a bullet, literally.
“I’ve been prone to distortion of military life glamorous., I hope this movie, ’71, gives a real idea of what to record, and is not ideal manipulated., In my opinion, it is very unpleasant.” Its star, however, says that the plot is secondary to the harsh reality of everyday life in Belfast in the 1970s, as portrayed in the film.
“I do not see the film, which was scheduled to glamorise this issue partly because of my Irish descent – that would make me feel jarring. “However, this film shows the grim horror of what was happening at the time. Often swept under a rock not to be discovered. “Culture gives us the ability to document these things from the perspective of an honest, which is not favored by a strong – perhaps those who were responsible for the conflict in the first place.

“We tried to be honest and impartial does not recognize in any place, even though we chose to see everything through the eyes of a British soldier. “I do not think even after 40 years there is enough water under the bridge, which was developed only make time to stay thriller.’ve spot in Belfast and I have a feeling that some people, those moments are still very present. It’s just that it would be criminal to try something that the market it was just very sensitive.

“This is despite the fact that he says some important facts.” O’Connell, who made his film debut as a teenager in the 2006 film This is England by Shane Meadows, went on to star in a series of leather and E4 alongside Michael Caine in Harry Brown. Received acclaim from last year’s prison drama by David Mackenzie shine up, and just finished filming the lead role of Louis Zamperini – Olympic athlete taken prisoner by the Japanese during World War II – in the biopic Angelina Jolie without interruption. Another part opposite adjustment Cara Delavigne novel Tulip Fever Weinstein Company, actor seems assured as a rising star.

But he adds that, when he was a teenager, was a “bad boy” – and this is the reason tried to direct their energies in the army. “I joined for students hoping to expedite the registration because I did not have a perfect record, for one reason or another.” What changed his mind? Well, I think I just listened to my mother at the end.
“I’m glad I ignored them, and continued representation., I’m very happy to be sitting here as a man of 24, as an actor, it is expected that depicts all the right reasons to avoid fortunately.” O’Connell describes his time working with Julie, who directed him in the part of Louis Zamperini, and “stimulating really – it’s a true artist, and they know exactly what you want in the group”

But although she is willing to intense scrutiny when it is released in December, says the paper, “character” is what he wants to do. “I just want to make the parts where I feel like I’m doing something important about storytelling. “Now I feel I am very lucky, I just want to keep my head down and get a job.” ’71 Show in London Film Festival and BFI opens on October 10 in the United Kingdom. So Download 71 Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.