71 Into the Fire Full Movie

71 Into the Fire

Original Name: Pohwasogeuro

Genre: Action, Drama, War

Language: English, Korean

IMDB Rating: 7.4


Release Date: 16 June 2010


71 Into the Fire
3.5 (70%) 2 votes

Download 71 Into the Fire Full Movie and it is 2010 Hollywood War film directed by John H. Lee. Sean Penn plays Ambassador Wilson, battle and more than his wife is angry at how loss management try to destroy them. Realistic film about the ways in which marriage Plame and Wilson almost failed. Watts makes the perfect spy Plame: secret, hidden under the radar. Perhaps he would have preferred had the ball where the couple biting good soldier. They are surrounded by media attention, and we are the work of CIA doctors fade spin of the Bush administration and its contacts abroad finds crushed. Joe apparently did not prevent the war. If you kept silent, there should not be destroyed work of the CIA. The original name of this movie is Pohwasogeuro.

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Besides being boring movie incredible, with performances by and Latin style team is fair game deafening air of self-pity and self-importance of the liberal upper class in Washington and Hollywood. There is a movie on your side, and has never been tougher or was pleased to right, or pressure from more explicit focus on the personal drama soft distinct political significance. And “satisfaction and wacky way only Hollywood drama goodwill preeningly, it can be.

The story is quite real. In 2002, Joseph Wilson, a former US ambassador, known for the presence of the challenge the heroic confrontation with Saddam Hussein after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. In the period before the Iraq War II, he was invited by the US government to travel to Niger to determine whether the government of this country, it was selling nuclear material in Iraq by Saddam. Wilson went – and quietly said that this did not happen. However, the results were ignored, according to the White House hawks happy that they went ahead and make the statement “Niger” still supports the war.

Angry, Wilson published an article in The New York Times, and find that government informer, but their condemnation of homosexuality from their results. . To fight back, and most of the dolls from Dubya, and particularly deputy chief of staff, have Lewis “Scooter” Libby, a few “unpleasant leak to the press, he revealed that Wilson’s wife happened to be an agent of the CIA Valerie Plame’s whispered it personally sent her husband in This tour is a gift from Niger to improve and strengthen professional.

Libby was settled Valerie “Fair Play” and the chilly dawn agent in the US for political purposes covers. But wait. Not the fact that Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent who actually increases the credibility of Wilson? Well, here’s a clever ploy to Libby. Just because it’s very puzzling and controversial, and his flight was the ultimate distraction tactics acidic water and changes the story. It is a piece of pure deception and dirty, but the risk of the product and the safety of their contacts.

Libby, I played here by David Andrews, and ended in disgrace. Wilson and Plame interpreted here from Ben Watts – and was acquitted. So far, very terrible. But he said the scandal ring in the tone of a critical breach of the chest anger of national urgency and intimidation, and brought a happy ending is not satisfactory, to say the least. All is clear that the dirty tricks is a bad thing. But Plame was a CIA and the Agency is not known exactly put his face against fraud. Definition of terms Plame victim is a complex issue. So Download 71 Into the Fire Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.