A Low Down Dirty Shame Full Movie

A Low Down Dirty Shame

Original Name: A Low Down Dirty Shame

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.7


Release Date: 3 November 1994


A Low Down Dirty Shame
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Download A Low Down Dirty Shame Full Movie and it is 1994 Hollywood action, comedy and crime film directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. Previously LAPD detective Second Chamber is a PI that has a low user Dirty Shamefull Research.

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Walk with peaches, which ended six years ago, and has romantic feelings for him. Despite the high-risk job, it is a shame not to be able to keep the company afloat, and may be forced to close.

Five years earlier, the shame, and a team of investigators went to arrest drug dealers in Mexico, Ernesto Mendoza. Too bad but apparently shot in a gunfight Mendoza, was the second detective killed, with shame and Sonny Miller Roth is the only survivor. This caused a shame to leave power in disgrace.

On this day, Roth Miller, who now works for the DEA, Mendoza tells him alive. We rent a shame the only witness who would testify against him … his ex-girlfriend Angela, to find that he was caught in a love triangle with the two men. Angela fled the witness protection program in New York and Los Angeles. Shame is hesitant at first, but sees this as an opportunity to get the man to stop anything from him names, he decides to take the case.

Pity get information about one of the lieutenants in Mendoza, Liuz, then go to a restaurant and Luis Mendoza warned that the shame come to him. Upon arriving home, it’s a shame attacked by minions Mendoza and Mendoza warned by a very vibrant.

With the help of peaches and her roommate Wayman, Shame tracks Angela at a luxury hotel and called Sonny. Sin explains that originally was in Mexico for her. Says shame that would testify against Mendoza, Mendoza, but he found his position, was forced to flee. Shame discovered Roth Miller works in Mendoza, and the two criminals fled Mendoza. Shame Angela falls in Peaches.

Shame you clean, and then kidnaps and takes him to an abandoned building Luis. When Liuz refuses to give the place Mendoza Shame, Shame he stumbled upon a meeting of white supremacy. Racists with him, the position of the head in shame exchange for a ride. But let the shame he delivered his mercy.

In the club, shame and exchanging words Mendoza state settlement with the Mexican Mendoza hostage date. Wayman when trying to attract the attention of shame, used the Mendoza escape the distractions. Shame Angela went Peaches will (Peaches and had been in a previous discussion), and find the captain. Núñez waiting. He Nunez place peaches in protective custody, and Angela.

Shame Angela met in a closet and find out the real cause of Mendoza wants Life donated $ 20 million of their money. In a motel, Shame Mendoza gets a call informing him that the peaches; She and Angela and exchanged for cash. The two met at a mall in Mendoza commercial properties. Angela tries to convince her to date shame, but he is in love with peaches, refuses and goes to the mall.

Before the change, admits Sonny to kill the other detectives, why not bribe Mendoza would take without shame. He left alive shame to take the blame. Peaches Angela standing on an escalator, turn Mendoza that Angela is a dummy. With a concealed weapon on escalators Peaches start filming. Shame dead mercenary hired by Sonny became Luis attacked by dogs that should have died of shame, and Sonny killed by Angela.

Mendoza captures Peaches, only to be faced with shame. After winning a battle, Embarrassment arrested Mendoza; killed by Angela. Trying to kill a penalty, but the shots Peaches in a fistfight. Núñez threat Shame, Shame arrest, but remember Núñez who helped bring down a drug lord, find a federal witness and recover $ 15 million stolen drug money. Shame keeps $ 5,000,000 for costs, peaches advantage of a romantic relationship with shame. So Download A Low Down Dirty Shame Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.