Behind Enemy Lines Full Movie

Behind Enemy Lines

Original Name: Behind Enemy Lines

Genre: Action, Drama, War

Language: English, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Czech

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 30 November 2001


Behind Enemy Lines
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Download Behind Enemy Lines Full Movie and it is 2001 Hollywood action, war and drama film directed by John Moore. I the last stages of the war i Bosnia i December 1995, flygofficer löjtnant Chris Burnett USA: s Flotta (Wilson) and the pilot Lieutenant Jeremy Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht), who are on a stationed aircraft carrier i Adriatiska Sea, are assigned a reconnaissance mission dörr his befälhavare, amiral Leslie Reigart (Gene Hackman).

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The mission goes well until suspicious activity i DMZ where NATO aircraft and the warring factions of the military Aktivitet är Prohibited. Burnett convinces Stackhouse their F / A-18 Hornet i near Flying out rate for the sv shooting target. They are Aware of mass graves photographed sv Serbian Soldiers mostrar the jet.

The befälhavare of the Bosnian Serb army lokalt, General Miro Lokar (Olek Krupa) är engaged in a secret camp carnation folkmord against the Bosnian population. Not want the mass graves discovered du Worden, Lokar ordered the jet is shot. Despite trying about the rockets fired at Hona du är surpass jet Her hit both men sv about to be shed forced out. Shortly after landing, a patrol of the Serbian located Stackhouse sv interrogates Fall.

Stackhouse then dörr performed Sasha, one of the accomplices of Lokar. Burnett, that the interrogation of the Serbian Stackhouse Watched from a Hill, du flee the area, but reveals the location. Will Burnett and Dead, Lokar Beställningar find both his deputy, Colonel Bazda, sv Sasha. After Admiral Burnett KontaktSV Help Reigart, Burnett ordered to move to a certain order to place Halen.

However, Reigart forced about to resign after Admiral Piquet (Joaquim de Almeida), the commander of the NATO naval forces i the region, warns that the Burnett i Rescue demilitarized området Runs risk of derailing the peace process. When Burnett is on the verge of vinnande Reigart warns you about du move to another location miles away from the DMZ Be Saved.

Immediately after being informed, Burnett Looks a Serbian patrol, led dörr Bazda, seeking nertill. Free Flight for de gallina, var If he falls into the mass grave he hides sv sv Stackhouse photographed under a death body. When the patrol är sight, it works yet springare. Are heading to New vinna point, Burnett är a Group Bosnian Muslim fighters i a truck offering a ride.

The Gerilla inform Burnett that the HAC är that supposedly focus Safe husrum du, but it appears his war zone. During slagg, Serbian forces believe they have found the body Burnett, but Sasha Uniforms realizes Burnett var changed with a Serb soldier slain sv escaped HAC.

Lokar verändert the situation to his advantage, presenting the corpse dressed uniformly distraught medier Burnett to say that he was slain du dörr gerillan. Lista work sv a mission to Redden Burnett is only interrupted when the end of the helicopter sent to fetch it arrives. After venting his frustration, Burnett realizes an angel statue i near where his ejection seat Landed. Tillbaka till he turns his chair sv activates Rescue Beacon.

Although the group realizes its carrier signal split, Burnett has also warned Serbs about their location. Knowing that the risk of being relieved of avfasning, Reigart prepares Working Group about a Burnett Rodna i order spite of Piquet. Meanwhile Bazda Sasha sv are arranged according to the finding Lokar Burnett sv Fall du Dead, but on his Way, Bazda steps on a landmine Sasha sv let fall on his mycket över.

After Sasha finds the ejection seat, Burnett ambushes and indie pop dör men engaged närstrid träffade until Sasha Burnett puts i Breast träffade a ljus, Fall du Dead. Immediately after Sasha is slain, Lokar arrives träffade armored infantry vehicles sv Opened fire on the Burnett. Three Marine Corps helicopters come sv fire against the Serbs. After getting the hard disk that contains the pictures of mass graves, Burnett escaped with the Working Group.

The restored images Burnett TURN Lokar about the process ICTY, while result of the shares Reigart i side avfasning sv is relieved of his eventual pension. Burnett continued his career at the marina. So Download Behind Enemy Lines Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.