Born on the Fourth of July Full Movie

Born on the Fourth of July

Original Name: Born on the Fourth of July

Genre: Biography, Drama, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.2


Release Date: 5 January 1990


Born on the Fourth of July
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Download Born on the Fourth of July Full Movie and it is a Hollywood biography and war related film of 1989. For weeks we have read in the newspapers about a public apology from the governments of the countries of Eastern Europe. The Russians admit that they were wrong to invade Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia. East Germany tear down the Berlin Wall and the repeal of the luxury secret of their leaders. The Poles and Hungarians say that Marxism does not work. There is a temptation for an American, reading these articles, feel smug. And yet – wait a minute, here. We had our foreign policy catastrophic debt, the war in Vietnam. When President Bush will stand up to Congress and read the apology for the Vietnamese? Again, the answer is obvious.

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We welcome the Soviet bloc for his honesty, but we see no homework for ourselves. Yet we have the problem with our apologies, of a kind. A film that Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July” is an excuse for Vietnam, made of stone, who fought there, and Ron Kovic, who was paralyzed from the chest down in Vietnam. Both were enthusiastic patriot, who do not hesitate to call their country to respond weapon. When he returned home, they were still patriots, hurt and offended by the hostility they experience the antiwar movement. Finally, the two men are against the war, Kovic more dramatic. He and his wheelchair was thrown out of the Republican convention in 1972, but in 1976 went to the Democratic convention. And if you wanted to, you could say that his speech in 1976 was the equivalent of one of those last beat breast Supreme Soviet.

We apologize for our mistakes in this country, but let us do our artists instead of our politicians. Kovic returned from the war with a broken body, but it took several years to spread damage to your body and soul. The moment he landed was a vengeful man who demoralized the lookout for alcohol and drugs to escape and brothels Mexicans. Then he started looking outside yourself for a pattern of greater life, the reason for his best-selling autobiography inspired, Born on the Fourth of July. The writer and director Stone that his previous film “Platoon”, based on their own experiences of war, has tried to film the story Kovic for years. Several stars and studies related to the project, but was canceled. And perhaps this is a good thing, because this long wait Stone could use to Tom Cruise in the lead role.

Cruise did nothing prepares you for what you do in “Born on the Fourth of July.” It is praised for years as a great young actor, but only his first hit film “Risky Business” has found a perfect combination between actor and role. “Top Gun” overwhelmed him with a variety of special effects. “The Color of Money” does not explain his behavior in the final scenes is crucial. “Cocktail” was a cynical attempt to exploit their captivating picture. Even in “Rain Man,” which seemed to keep something in reserve, behind his mere presence. In “Born on 4th of July”, his performance so good that the film lives through it. The stone can make their statement with the face and voice of the cruise and not have everything in the box.

The film begins in 1960 with images of television urging of John F. Kennedy, “Ask non come again your nation can behave for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Young Ron Kovic, high school star athlete and hero, the kind of man he was waiting to hear this message. And when the recruiters came to visit her high school, he was willing to participate. There was no doubt in his mind: It was a war in Vietnam, and his only concern was that the action is lost. He knew that to be injured or killed a danger, but damn, he wanted to make a sacrifice for their country. His is the kind of should have the spirit of all nations, from time to time. The problem with the Vietnam War is that it does not deserve.

There was no way for a patriotic town boy to know that, though, so still young Kovic from his last dance of the battlefield. In these scenes, looks still Cruise Cruise – young, open face – and I wondered if I could turn to the horror that I knew he would do it. It was. Stone struggled for a year. In “Platoon”, our gunfire proved so confused that we (and characters) often had little idea where the enemy was. In “Born on July 4,” Stone is a decisive battle very clear, so we can see how Kovic has made a mistake. This error, torturing him for years after, probably led to loss of concentration caused permanent damage. The scenes that follow, in a military hospital, is relentless in its honesty. When you have, for a long time, perhaps helpless in a hospital bed and not being able to ask for help was all his impotent rage comes flooding back as the film shows a military health system hopelessly overloaded. So Download Born on the Fourth of July Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.