D.C. Cab Full Movie

D.C. Cab

Original Name: D.C. Cab

Genre: Action, Comedy

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.3


Release Date: 16 December 1983 (USA)


D.C. Cab
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Download D.C. Cab Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Action film of 1983 which is directed by Joel Schumacher. In this informal, was comedy stand not involved in the taxi management to emphasize dirt octane destroyed when the owner Harold (Max Gail) encourages drivers to do what I can do to help save the company – and that can be done as a surprise to everyone involved . Save the day (and the film) is a driver, amiable eccentric, through a new student (Adam Baldwin) to pay the full each. Funny “DC Cab” is the first paragraph of the press release for the film. “When someone takes a taxi, and he or she expects to achieve security and peace, and will remain, at least as fresh as the first time I walked in the door.”

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Let’s say the pilot, who was last Sunday, I look at a portable TV in the front seat. For the first time in my life, and I truly believe that the next drop bears were a matter of life or death. “DC Cab” is not only bad film – has moments – but if you have used the taxi accidents chauffeurs horse more realistic and more recognized by the driver types, which could have been a little masterpiece is the taxi rickety executives Washington. Misfits, an owner who tormented, and enemies that try to force him off the road. This is a community break so that they can not even afford to charge fees at the airport.

The different ethnic and social forces are included, a young student and dangerous to the inimitable Mr. T. which is fine, but what are some of the types of the most memorable driver globally? For example, the three main varieties of foreign students new arrivals: Those who do not speak English. Who want to practice their English, and those who know how to get to the airport with only lanes. The main inspiration for the “DC Cab” pilot experience seems real, and it is not surprising that it was.

While filming in Washington, a city where taxis task (how else do not get Basin tides in the middle of the night?), And “package” of the film was met in Los Angeles, a city where everyone has a car, taxi booking in advance, and a trip to the airport costs more than renting a car every day. In addition, the film’s producers, Peter Guber, former head of the records of the house of the great white, and John Peters, who is, I read in the “old” “people” Barbra Streisand. How many hours have you spent one year thinking about taxis?

“DC Cab” feels like a movie with a split personality. The plot is fresh off the assembly line, with a lot of nonsense on two hijacked taxi drivers and how to unite to save the children of the rich. Is also a lot of time to lose the battle Story DC cab company with a competitor, and try to improve their image, and the struggle over who will take part in the violin lost Award. These are all, as you can imagine, and paralyzes ideas boring story.

It is of crucial importance in the film, however, and not directly from the mold. Involving many of the actors on the screen, and energetic, and when they are free and clown act a fool around, it can be fun. The main character in the film is Adam Baldwin, an actor from Chicago to see in “My Bodyguard” and it’s fun. But he and everyone in the cast and obscure Mr. T, which is classified as a supporting actor, but has become personal, which dominates every scene there. (If Nancy Reagan will sit on his lap while wearing a Santa suit sleeves, you know it’s hot) conductor creates a scene of mob moving, it runs through the chaotic energy stupid plot, and when all is done, what have you ? Nonsense, confusion nice. This is not the worst thing you can get from the film.

DC Cab is a film that, apparently, it seems that funny little culture and comedy can be, with a variety of stakeholders to provide some of the classic moments of hilarity. You have Mr. T (Rocky III “elite team”), Gary Busey (Gumball Rally, Predator 2) Bill Maher (“politically correct”, “real time with Bill Maher”), Pablo Rodriguez (blood work Ali) and Marsha Warfield (“Court “), for example, not limited. Has also written and directed by Joel Schumacher, some interesting, such as telephone and anger films would create.

Unfortunately, with a wealth of talent and interesting, if you can call this group of talent, DC, the cabin is very disappointing, although a series of films deliberately wrong. You can not laugh with him, it’s not funny. You can not laugh, because it is irrelevant, just as dull and boring built. This is the case in any clue about the movie will give a laugh current list. Search only ruin the tension in the film are the risks at home. I struggled to get a summary of the thesis, because I’m not entirely sure that this film has one.

The best you could also say that focuses on a group of taxi drivers in Washington DC chaos. It looked like the worst taxi company in the city, with dilapidated vehicles, reckless drivers, and hardly concerns what they are willing to provide a copy of a quick profit. The company’s owner, Harold (Max Gail, “Barney Miller”), has a dream to do something with the place, he could have done if he had some “money to invest can come in photo identification. Unfortunately, the only person in the company who want to work until it looks like a new guy, Albert (Adam Baldwin, my bodyguard), while the rest of the gang are just in it to earn enough money to leave. So Download D.C. Cab Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.