Dante’s Peak Full Movie

Dante’s Peak

Original Name: Dante's Peak

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.8


Release Date: 7 February 1997


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Download Dante’s Peak Full Movie and it is 1997 Hollywood action, adventure and thriller film directed by Roger Donaldson. Dr. Harry Dalton, a volcanologist at the US Geological Survey, and his partner Marianne, studying volcanic activity in Colombia, captured when the volcano erupts.

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While trying to evacuate, Marianne was killed by a piece of debris, which Harry remorse for his death, knowing that could have been avoided if previous signs of potential activity had fled.

Four years later, Harry shared by his boss Dr Paul Dreyfus to seismic Dante’s Peak, Washington, a small town near a dormant volcano in the Cascades investigate. Harry arrives at the top of Dante as the city celebrates its inception and meet the mayor Rachel Wando, and their two children.

Rachel offers to take Harry to the mountain to read while their children, and Lauren Graham, Grandma Ruth who live there to meet. Harry sees dead animals in the wild and capture children before bathing in a hot spring, to find two swimmers dead in burns all over his body because of the boiling water around. Harry Paul warns the signs of volcanic activity and tells him to bring a group to study mountain.

The computer is equipped with additional equipment, but does not support their values, fear of Harry and suggests that there is little concern. However, keep Harry tries to convince Rachel to the city to prepare something drastic, while enjoying a budding relationship with her.

A week went by without any signs of volcanic activity and Paul indicates to pack the computer. Harry planned to take Rachel for the night, but as he said goodbye to grab a glass of water is water contaminated with traces of volcanic origin, confirming his fears. This evidence is sufficient for Paul, and plans are being made to evacuate the city.

Before you can make an orderly, volcano eruption and earthquake rocks the city, sending panicked civilians while trying to escape. Harry is left with Rachel to get back their children, but they discover that they have continued to Ruth, who refused to leave his hut, and follow to get behind them. Despite mass panic and collapse of a footbridge, almost all residents of escape Peak Dante.

They come to Ruth and the kids, like lava hit the cab and embrace their vehicles. Take a boat on a lake to escape the lava flow, but the findings have become more acidic and devour the ship. Ruth jumped into the water to ensure that the boat reaches the other side, suffering burns on her body. Even if they are able to take away from the lava, Ruth knows he can not do it, and insists that they leave behind.

Bids starting tears and make your way to a ranger station close and take the truck to continue on mountain.Meanwhile, the National Guard will help evacuate the rest of the city and lead the team geology. They are trying to bridge the throbbing like swallows lahar, and Paul was thrown into the river to his death, when the bridge was washed away.

The remaining group escapes and tries to get in touch with Harry, but can not do it and feared. Harry, Rachel, and the children are safely through the city, find all the parts of the city have been removed. Harry discovers that the geological team has planned a large ash clouds compete for the mountains in a pyroclastic flow that will destroy everything around them.

Graham has revealed an underground club in an abandoned house next to mine, which may occur. Before leaving her, Harry takes a lighthouse designed by NASA since the team has fallen behind. Seconds later, the cloud of volcano eruptions and career for him, make sure the tree, when the city was destroyed by the current.

When Harry returns to the lighthouse, which is trapped in the truck, have suffered a broken arm as Mineshaft in the caves, but can activate the beacon. So Download Dante’s Peak Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.