Die Hard Full Movie

Die Hard

Original Name: Die Hard

Genre: Action, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.3


Release Date: 20 July 1988


Die Hard
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Download Die Hard Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Thriller film of 1988 which is directed by John McTiernan. The idea has a certain charm: A cop trapped in a skyscraper with a team of terrorists desperate. He is the only thing standing between them and their hostages. Give brains terrorist leader and personality, one of the hostages in the former wife of the police and have a movie. The name of the movie “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis and in another one of those roles where the Hollywood action hero shirt ripped in the first part, so that the time you can already see in the gym. It is an NYPD flew to Los Angeles for Christmas, and we learned quickly that his marriage was put on hold after his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) left for the coast of accepting a job offer.

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Now is vice president of the multinational Nakatomi Corp., and shortly after Willis goes surprise in his party office, the terrorists strike. They are an international group, led by a German named Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), who dressed well and has a well trimmed beard and talk like an intellectual and thinks he is above the mafia must participate. He has a plan that is designed with a fine watch for theft of millions of dollars in negotiable bonds, and only after Willis starts forced to take Nakatomi problem employees hostage. Terrorists are experienced and well armed, and there are many of them. Willis strategy will keep them off guard with lightning attacks from his hideout on an upper floor of the building is still under construction.

This plan involves using a lot of tricks and special effects, as when Willis leads through a glass window at the end of a rope of fire or when you release the plastic explosives elevator shaft. Technically, there is not much to say about “Die Hard”. And “when you get to certain parts of the script that filming in the foot. Willis is in constant radio contact with a police officer to the ground (Reginald VelJohnson) try to keep their spirits up. But the directors have a free font and useless: Deputy Police Commissioner (Paul Gleason ), who doubt that the man on the other side of the radio is actually quite NYPD. For all we can tell, the deputy director of the film with one goal: to always be wrong on every step of the way, providing a counterpoint to progress false Willis.

The character is so aware useless, stupid, then a product of the syndrome Idiot Plot, which was successfully suppressed the last half of the film. Thrillers such as this need to be well lubricated, timeless in useless machines. Interruption inappropriate and wrong reveal vulnerabilities frame and prevent runs. Without the member and all that it represents, “Die Hard” would be a more than reasonable voltage. With him it is a disaster, , especially from Rickman as a terrorist. Here’s a tip for the authors of thrillers: You can not go wrong if all the characters in the film are at least as intelligent as most of the characters in his audience.

It’s Christmas time in Los Angeles and is part of the employees going on the 30th floor of the building Nakatomi Corporation. The party comes to a violent end, when revelers taken hostage by a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), who plans to steal $ 600 million has been blocked in the technology once Nakatomi. In fact, Gruber and his henchmen serve as motivation for launching the political authorities in the workplace; In The film contains some unknown time after Crocodile Dundee end and we learned that Mick and Sue have shacked up together, but Mick misses his clearance lives inside a distress exhibited by dynamite fishing in New York. Although this is usually a capital offense for any normal person, to the best laugh of the City of New York fishing, because foreign crazy and surreal in a way that only a crazy and surreal abroad would

Ignoring orders from authorities around, McClane, who feared build anything (except shares) acquires thugs, armed with a gun and a lot of bravado. Come Die Hard, Bruce Willis was just so smart guy in Moonlighting. After the advantages of rolling film, Willis was one of the highest paid and most sought after leading men in Hollywood. This time, Sue kidnapped by an international drug kingpin Luis Rico (Hetcher Ubarry) in the country bush in Australia. The unflappable Mick must withdraw all their tricks to save the survival of the Outback. Hogan wrote the manuscript; John Cornell directly. So Download Die Hard Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.