Jackpot 2011 Full Movie

Jackpot 2011

Original Name: Arme Riddere

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: Norwegian, Swedish

IMDB Rating: 6.6


Release Date: 27 June 2014


Jackpot 2011
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Download Jackpot 2011 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Crime film which is directed by Magnus Martens. Most movie fans are now smart enough to realize that the comparison with Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers often lead to disappointment. For each “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Pulp Fiction”, there are plenty of movies that do magic interlocking, detective film and fail miserably. And the more people try to style or QT Joel Coen, clearly mimic the high degree of difficulty, the filmmakers succeed. It just seems easy, people. This brings us to the last massacre of black humor, with echoes of icons-Magnus Martens Jackpot “. Based on a story Norwegian crime columnist, Jo Nesbø,” Jackpot “, sounds like a history of over-the-top movie lover told by a drunk in a bar: “Dude, I just saw this movie and it was crazy Make him ..” Believe me, it does.

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“Jackpot” opens with a car guys walk into a club / strip adult bookstore and get ready for the shot fever. It seems that he found in a Mexican standoff, and illuminate this property was always dark sparkle to chop the competition. When the bodies are gone, only the life of Oscar Svendsen, crawl under the body of a stripper who died, to the amazement of the hard-boiled detective Solør (Henrik Mestad). Police Academy takes an interrogation room and the rest of the film plays like a movie version forwards Bryan Singer, the Oscar-winning “The Usual Suspects”. I like movies with unreliable narrators and so he never knew what to think of the story about the night of Verbal Kint earlier in “The Usual Suspects”, the best parts of “Jackpot” forces us to ask if there is anything Oscar says it’s true .

Part of the reason for doubt is that history tells beat Oscar becomes ridiculous. As with so many days of bad movies, beginning with an effort. Oscar and three of his friends, former prisoner into a pool of football betting in 12 games as a parlay bet, win more data in accordance with the law of speed. Well, these jerks happy hit 12, so that the rich directly. What if the potential for enormous wealth in a room is launched with four idiots with questionable moral compass? Obviously they begin to plan how to get along, is about old debts, and try to avoid some of these still worrying in their world. Death toll accumulates, black humor interspersed in thick streams of blood.

The simple fact violent and unpredictable, not a movie like “Jackpot” to make fun. Therein lies the biggest problem here: the laughter is not nearly to the extent necessary for the total lack of morals or character tasty interesting. Looking bad people doing bad things to another requires a certain amount of ingenuity to young filmmakers often. Over the top does not necessarily make a funny movie on your own. Like Crazy is not fun. And if the bad behavior piled up “Jackpot” laughs just did not come and the whole affair is a very tedious. There are shows here and there that strikes the right tone and is easy to believe that the only voice Nesbø worked in the starting material, but proved to be the inevitable twists .

Jo Nesbø, extraordinary success Norwegian writer, writes books about the detective and murder failed hard, samples of elaborate conspiracy that routinely sells tens of millions of copies. “Reading robin,” USA Today is the third in the 10 series of taxes Harry Hole Nesbø, “is like watching a movie of success” boasted praise on the cover of the paperback of America. There would be little surprise, then, that the author’s work has been started to make the transition smoother apparently on the big screen, from the Headhunters Morten Tyldum well received in 2011. Now we Jackpot, adapted from an original story by Magnus Martens Nesbø, whose influence dominates the material almost as visible as his name bankable made by selling the film. The style of Nesbø is enough to think of another revelation Scandinavian crime writers, and comparisons between the Jackpot and the exploits of a certain dragon tattooed hacker is perhaps inevitable. So Download Jackpot 2011 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.