Planet of the Apes Full Movie

Planet of the Apes

Original Name: Planet of the Apes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Movies, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.7


Release Date: 27 July 2001


Planet of the Apes
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Planet of the Apes is an action, adventure and science fiction film in 2001. It’s the year of 2029: Astronaut Leo Davidson planks the pod casual riding on the Room Train station for any “routine” reconnaissance objective. However a good sudden detour via room period wormhole countries him or her on the unusual earth exactly where speaking apes guideline within the people. By using the sympathetic chimpanzee activist called Ari along with a little music group associated with human being rebels, Leo prospects your time and effort in order to avert the actual evolving Gorilla Military brought through Common Thade as well as their the majority of trustworthy soldier Attar.

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