Platoon Full Movie


Original Name: Platoon

Genre: Drama, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.1


Release Date: 6 February 1986


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Download Platoon Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Dramatic and War related film of 1986 which is directed by Oliver Stone. Here is a film that deals with the control of the earth, from the point of view of the soldier and the war seems not. The film is written and directed by Oliver Stone, who fought in Vietnam, and has tried to make a film about war, it’s not a fantasy, not the legend, not a metaphor, not the message, but just a reminder of what turned up on time for him.

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The film is narrated by a young soldier (Charlie Sheen), on the basis of the stone itself. It is a middle class student who volunteered for the war, because he sees it as his patriotic duty, and told, shortly after reaching the combat zone, “You do not belong here.” He believes. No false heroism in this film, and there are no heroes standards; the narrator is quick to the point of physical collapse, plagued by long marches, sleepless, ants, snakes, cuts, bruises and constant gnawing anxiety. In a scene near the beginning of the film, was on duty when clearly see the enemy troops are approaching their position, and locks. It has only gradually become unconsciously a good soldier.

The film is told in a style dive headlong accident. No frame carefully planned to get from point to point; Instead, the characters, we are usually disoriented. Everything is likely to happen, usually without warning. Because the canvas crowded, revealed large numbers: Barnes (Tom Berenger), survived the veteran sergeant scars blowing his men believe they can not kill. Elias (Willem Dafoe), a good fighter, but a man trying to escape reality through drugs. Bunny (Kevin Dillon), the frightened child who has become dangerous because it seems like a way to protect themselves.

There is rarely a clear picture, clearly an enemy soldier. They are ghosts, half seen in the foliage, fragrant presence jungle trails, evidence of their passage dug in the ammunition depots buried in the villages. Instead, there is a clear sense of danger everywhere, and the presence of troops, civilians sometimes furious just standing there, confused and helpless. There’s a scene in the film that seems inspired in My Lai, without becoming a massacre. Sharing the presumption that the villagers actually be carriers of enemy forces, we split the fear that anger is, and we understand the anger of violence.

Some of the men in “Platoon” have lost their way, they are willing to kill almost any slightest pretext. Others still have some degree of morality of the situation. From his life may also play a role in their arguments, there is a sense of danger when they disagree. We Americans shoot other Americans, and we can see why. After seeing “Platoon”, I fell upon me, because the stone was able to do this effectively without film autumn Truffaut talked about – how fascinating film made without stimulation. Here’s how I think it did. He left the choreography that is standard on almost every war movie. Gave every effort to clarify where the different forces were in relation to others, so you never know where ‘our’ side and where “they” are.

In place of the battle scenes where the lines are clearly drawn, battle scenes with 360: Each shot can be targeted to a friend or foe, and in desperate fight career, many of his soldiers never a clear idea of what you shoot, or why. Movies traditional introduce a sense of order in combat. The identification with the soldiers, we believe that if the duck behind the tree or jump a ditch, which silently fire there. In “Platoon”, there is a constant fear that every movement has a 50-50 in a safe place or an exposed. Stone put your shots to feel that the battle deny significant.

The Vietnam War is the central moral and political problem of the past quarter century, for Americans. It has inspired some of the greatest American films “Apocalypse Now,” “The Hunter,” “Coming Home,” “The Killing”. Now here’s the movie, in a strange way, it should be done before everyone else. A film that says that – like the Vietnam Memorial in Washington says – before a long explanation, sweep Vietnam, should start the bottom line, and that is that many people went and killed the dead to understand and this is what war means to them.

Promote director Oliver Stone, Platoon is a brutally realistic tour of a young soldier serving in Vietnam look. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) is a student who leaves school to volunteer for the army in the late 60th century. He was sent to Vietnam, where he worked with a diverse group of fellow soldiers, the two men who platoon :. Sergeant Barnes more in the war. After a couple of weeks “in the country,”

Unlike the first wave of Hollywood movies Vietnam (including Hunter, Apocalypse Now, and Coming Home), the Platoon a representation of the tangent moral issues of the war-eye grunt, but focuses on the men who fought the battles and damage. In this sense, the war movies that are older than their colleagues in Vietnam, as it blends familiar elements in the battle screen, with few realistic data: insects, jungle rot, fatigue, C-rations, marijuana, and count the days before’ll. So Download Platoon Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.