Platoon Full Movie


Original Name: Platoon

Genre: Drama, War

Language: English, Vietnamese

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Country: ,

Release Date: 6 February 1987


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Download Platoon Full Movie and it is 1987 Hollywood drama and war film directed by Oliver Stone. In 1967, Chris Taylor left the college and volunteers for combat missions in Vietnam. Assigned to Bravo Company, 25th Infantry Division, near the border with Cambodia, coming out of the harsh conditions and their enthusiasm for the war disappears. One night his unit was attacked by a group of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers who retires after a brief confrontation.

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New recruits Gardner was killed, while another soldier, Tex, torn by friendly fire launched by Granada from Sergeant “Red” O’Neill, with Taylor incorrectly ruthless Sergeant Barnes was rebuked. Taylor finally win acceptance for a cohesive group in efforts to socialize and use drugs in a bunker clubhouse (Underworld). He finds a mentor in Sergeant Elias and the old king, and makes friends with two other soldiers, Lerner and Rhah.

While on patrol, is a soldier named Manny mutilated and tied to a pole, while the other two, salt and sand, is killed by a trap. When the pressure increases, the group quickly a nearby village, where a layer of supplies detected achieve. Taylor is a young disabled and hidden in only a spider hole. Taylor snaps, screaming and a threat to humans, but is surprised to see him rabbit club to death. Using Lerner as a translator, ask Barnes village chief to determine if they help NVA. Adamant Despite denials by the villagers, with Lerner also agreed to tell the truth, shoots Barnes and kills wife, boss because of ongoing discussion. Barnes then takes the son of the woman at gunpoint, threatening to shoot him if the villagers did not disclose details. Elias arrives, Barnes notes with what he saw. Elias gets into a fight with Barnes for the event and one or both would have killed the fight was about. Command Platoon Commander Lieutenant Wolfe men to leave with the villagers and burn the village. In the beginning, Taylor was arrested a group of soldiers of raping two girls.

To return to base, Captain Harris warns that if he feels he had an unlawful killing, was a martial ordered greeting Barnes and Elias could testify against him. In his next patrol platoon is caught in an ambush and immobilized in a shootout, where many soldiers, including Big Harold Lerner and wounded. Lerner back to the landing area for helicopters, while Wolfe said in a grenade attack in the wrong coordinates, causing friendly fire casualties. Elias takes Taylor, Crawford and accompanying Rhah intercept enemy troops. Barnes orders the rest of the flock to withdraw, and dates can be found from the jungle to the group of Elias. Barnes finds Elias and shoots him, go tell others that Elijah was killed by the enemy. When they left, a wounded Elijah comes from the jungle, a group of soldiers fleeing North Vietnam. Taylor looks at Barnes and read the fear in the face when he dies Elias. At the base, Taylor tries to convince his team that revenge when a drunken Barnes enters the room and laughed at them. Attacks Taylor Barnes, but is defeated and cut near his eye with a push dagger.

The platoon is sent to the combat zone to maintain defensive positions. Rey sent home and Taylor share a foxhole with Francis. Meanwhile, Junior makes an attempt to escape the package spraying spray standing in the ditch foot pretext, but fail to Barnes immediately recognized the deception. That night, he checks NVA attack and defensive lines are broken. Junior, Bunny, and Wolfe killed, while O’Neill barely escaped death by hiding in a dead soldier. To make matters worse, armed with explosives NVA sapper battalion headquarters harvested, self-priming and kill all its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Captain Harris recommends its air support for all expenses artillery remained within limits. During the chaos, Taylor finds Barnes, but the attacks wounded sergeant. You can just before hitting Taylor Barnes, both men are aware affected by an air strike on the basis of the difference. Taylor regains consciousness the next morning, contains a kind of enemy 56 rifles, and find a wound Barnes, who dares to pull the trigger. Taylor Barnes shot him to death. Taylor sitting since then reinforcements arrive and find it.

Francis, who survived the battle unscathed deliberately stabbed in the leg and reminds Taylor that because they have been injured twice to return to their homes. O’Neill, who desperately wants to go home, he said he will remain in service and in command of the platoon. Taylor met Rhah last time, seemingly unharmed and returned with US armored cavalry, the bounce with a battle cry. The helicopter flies away and Taylor cries when she looks down into several craters filled with corpses, friends and enemies. Platoon grabs you by the throat and left in the mud of the trenches near the border with Cambodia in South Vietnam, 1967. Forces – and bloody – the Oliver Stone film about 25 infantry grunts who treats his audience with the callous attitude of a platoon sergeant. Stone rubs his nose smell of the massacre, I bet you can not support the enemy who dares his fellow platoon frag.

Just because the forces of stone tunnel vision of a growl and anger experience Platoon a film to inspire empathy and impressive power. Interestingly, connect the same tunnel vision eventually Platoon. This movie can not see beyond the trench is dug in search of his young soldiers caught in the crossfire of fighting two sergeants. Will be those who are too young to remember to teach war in Southeast Asia Platoon was a civil war between the Vietnamese, but among Americans? What are the Vietnamese and why Americans were involved in his game is beyond the scope of the movie Stone. The image of war is destructive, however, clearly an effect blur morality. The platoon is narrated by an audience substitute Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen). In a fantastic opening, Chris leaves the stomach of a military transport and into the belly of the beast: Vietnam, where he reigned as “cherry”, a virgin of war. Your deflowerment and defoliation Vietnam scorching tale of the forest.

Like his father, Martin Sheen, and his older brother, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen has a presence and a face mask implosive mobile registers his impressions – and humiliation – the war. Initially Platoon performed on the strength of two furies: Sheen bow of a mouth well bound and kinetic camera stone cutting a strip of land between the groves of bamboo and ferns. The other two furies overwhelm them quickly. Sergeants are Chris Barnes (Tom Berenger) and Elias (Willem Dafoe). Casting against type, taking the way pretty boy Berenger and a career soldier disfigured, and cadaverous Dafoe creates hero of the film, screen chemistry of the fuel. Mal Barnes team Rasputin; You can throw, hit or Granada, and he always staggers back on his feet. His face looks like 50 miles of bumpy asphalt stuck with saliva. He believes that his invulnerability give you a license to judge, jury and executioner in everything and everyone in Vietnam. So if Barnes goes on a rampage in a murderess village because he does not believe that these Vietnamese farmers really only able Elías him.

As seems hearted Elias Dafoe as a cross between Mick Jagger and a greyhound, that the film its unique voice of moral authority. While the terrifying spectacle Berenger strength comes from its composition horrible, the overwhelming power Dafoe comes from something deep within the soul. And “picture. Platoon sees the conflict between the two sergeants. As Chris, the public is divided between respect” physical strength and Elias Barnes moral reasons. In the context of this conflict, the platoon a film inspired by a talented director control the players on top of his talent. But as superlative these respects platoon hampered by limiting opportunities. Except a scene so brutal that make the My Lai massacre benign appearance to the contrary, writer and director Stone ignoring practical Vietnamese, insists that its actions do not, America was his worst enemy. So Download Platoon Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.