Stalingrad 2013 Full Movie

Stalingrad 2013

Original Name: Stalingrad 2013

Genre: Action, Drama, War

Language: Russian, German

IMDB Rating: 5.6


Release Date: 10 October 2013


Stalingrad 2013
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Download Stalingrad 2013 Full Movie and it is Russian action, drama and war film directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. The film premiered at the site of a modern disaster. If emergency personnel are working to victims trapped under the earth to reach an attempt victims lifeguard calmly tells the story of how it came to five parents were killed while during the Great Patriotic War (WWII).

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The scene fades to autumn 1942, the first part of the battle of Stalingrad, in the midst of a Russian attack water through the Volga. A group of rowdy Soviet troops took refuge in a building that protects the main landing site Soviet Volga. Along with the handful of men that the passage of the river and survive the attack inside the building, Captain Gromov (Fyodorov), a veteran and hero of past battles, impresses services remains of other devices, which is a soldier most infantry, Polyakov “Angel” (Smolyakov ) had found happiness in later life, but now he has left nothing because his wife and daughter were killed in an air raid; a sniper, Chvanov (Lysenkov), a country boy who is full of hatred against all German war atrocities committed by them in their family; Nikiforv (Barabash), a famous singer and gifted before the war now, “cruel” ruthless killing machine, and Sergey (“Sissi”) (Bondarchuk), a young artillery officer, withdrew from the Military Academy, to serve as a mocker, and the last day of their academy cadet class.

Men rescue, unique building survived, Katya (Smolnikova), mother of the narrator. Katya is shy Day 19 when he meets the men who will be five spiritual fathers of the narrator. Katya is the representation of men to Mother Russia, and they appreciate and everyone falls for her in their own way. If she were to die, Gromov knows his men will come down to fight for its military goals, just as much, if not more. Soviet compared with a German force under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Henz (Lauterbach), stereotype of a Prussian officer close-to-point-of-Kahn cruelty and Hauptmann (Kretschmann), a decorated soldier but disappointed Kahn falls for a beautiful Russian refugee, Masha (Studilina), who left his wife reminds him dead, and the color and life in this hell gray. Despite nearly cancels the main attack the Soviet Kahn should be dishonorably discharged from the building. Henz orders him to take the building or repetition. Although Kahn nothing to hide with Masha, not shirk his duty.

Russian blockbuster 3-D, Stalingrad, during the course of a week will be released in IMAX theaters, does not begin in the middle of the bloody battle of World War II, but in Japan in 2011, after the earthquake in Fukushima. A Russian team of consultants are a group of German hikers caught collapsed in the basement of a house and waiting to get heavy equipment, speak German Russian leader, Gromov (Pyotr Fyodorov), have had an idea of how the spirits of the children to educate, hikers tell the story in five parents fees. A long flashback that makes up most of the rest of the film, we travel to the Russian winter turbid 1942, while the camera is on the Volga River, the skyline Stalingrad was destroyed, burned with flames and black smoke.

The scene is the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest battles in history, where hundreds of thousands were killed on both sides, for passing the course World War against Germany. Director Fyodor Bondarchuk and writer Ilya Sergey Snezhkin Tilkin and wisely does not try to say anything of the battle of Stalingrad. The film focuses on a few weeks and a place, a bombed building where five Soviet soldiers took refuge after breaking through a wall of fire in the city was occupied by the Germans. The apartment is the home of the parent storyteller, 18, Katja (Mary Smolnikova). During the film, decided Katja epitome of all that the soldiers who are fighting for beggars Mother Russia and the youth of tomorrow take tenderness in the rubble filled the corpse.

In general, Stalingrad, a strange combination, part of the Putin era patriotic chest-thumping and creaking war party melodrama, all in a city in ruins beautifully created. Battle scenes are also included video games style that seems to be inspired by the action babbled about martial arts movies or zombie movie, when ruthless fireball human Russians launched against the German defenders. This does not mean that Stalingrad was completely one-sided. At the headquarters of the German command, handsome captain. Peter Kahn (Thomas Kretschmann) refers in the building where Katya and his soldiers Seize excavated. The German colonel (Heiner Lauterbach) is one of those sizzling war Nazi family film that seems to be always eating or grooming shouting insults his subordinates. Conversely Cpt. Kahn is a beautiful aristocratic figure, food and shelter to a young Russian woman named Masha (Yana Studilina) because she looks like his dead wife. After raping Masha, to repentance and then falls in love with her. But his love and protection Masha deserve hatred as a partner in a subplot that invites symbol of the film in the moral complexity.

You do not need a history book should know that does not work well for Kahn, Masha or most of the other characters in the city full of death. The exception is, of course, Katya, who must survive heroic stories to future generations, including the unfortunate captive audience of German youth in the basement Japanese. The bookends Japanese clumsy movie seems designed for two purposes: the first is to show that modern Russia to overcome their trauma to become a global citizen benevolent. The second is a kind of boast sacrifice: you think you have seen disasters? Let me talk about the disaster. If you think Saving Private Ryan has had more than 300, then Stalingrad is the movie for you.

Apparently exceptional Fedor Bondarchuk in the fight for the Russian city one of the bloodiest battles of World War II always hard, with nearly 2 million people the human cost of war is constantly overshadowed by slo-mo happy sand size Show. This is the first Russian film shot entirely in 3-D, it makes sense the Battle of Stalingrad is almost a national creation myth. But while the images on this bill is impeccable, the story is strangely lifeless. Instead of telling the whole site, it took almost a year and a half, focusing Bondarchuk movie on a small group of Russian soldiers hiding in a building bombed deserted, with the only civilian among them Katya (Mariya Smolnikova), a teenage girl whose entire family was killed, along with everyone. From the roof, one of the soldiers collected far in the German army on the street covered with gravel.

Meanwhile, men are a little “dysfunctional complicated by vague feelings of lust and protection of communities is Katya. It is a promising package something that Howard Hawks could have done back in the day but the story here never fails to be consistent. The characters have things to say about the nature of their tasks, but do not feel delimited and defined me, and is never really alive for us. Strange, is the most interesting character in the film and the human one by the Nazis, a world weary of the road (Thomas Kretschmann), which seems to have fallen in love with one of their official Russian prisoners. It is rare to find an agreement with such generosity of an enemy national epic.

But the movie does not seem to have a general message of tolerance and hatchet-burying: the story is told of the adult son of Katya, now a grizzled Russian rescuers struggle to save a group of German children from the rubble of the earthquake in Japan in 2011. But strange that a movie as a relatively honest its apparent bad if not bring fundamental to their heroes. But, of course, that the story is not the main attraction here. Stalingrad is a luxury on display until the end, and is full of haunting, beautiful images the city in flames, a look into the distance Volga River, for example, or an impressive load of the night by a group of Russian soldiers burn burned by the explosion of the fuel tank . Everything deserves to be seen by the largest possible screen.

At the same time, it is possible that there is something for good? This perfectly constructed fight scenes are not as scenes of hell and more like snow globes battle precise, beautiful and concise. It would work if the story itself has supported the unreal nature of struggle which similarly exquisite Joe Wright’s Atonement, a film that gives absurd and artificial vision of war in a sly comment on his story. At the same time Bondarchuk appear openly passionate slow ramp speed cameras, but the dependence on technology is misplaced: It does nothing to enhance the character of the struggle, because there we see that we are not working physical performance. Slow Motion eliminates the fear and do it all strangely clean. It might work with martial arts, which captures the grace acrobatic fighting is crucial. In this case counterproductive.

However, the director greatness in his veins; He is the son of the great Sergei Bondarchuk, who played in 1966 and directed the Great War and the Soviet Peace, which took seven hours and still the most expensive movie ever so expensive that it is not technically a price. (He also has his place in the movement’s epic World War II, in 1975. A complete treatment of the classic novel Father Sergei was sometimes impeccably beautiful, but also had to strengthen melodrama and characters of Tolstoy your images; the show does not just float in their twenties, as in this case. Stalingrad continues the family tradition of making epic intensely watchable crossed by moments of greatness. Just do not be surprised if you find yourself in our hands these times, losing patience with the characters in the story and whispers cardboard on. So Download Stalingrad 2013 Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.