Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Full Movie

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Original Name: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.7


Release Date: 4 June 1982


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
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Download Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Adventurous film of 1982 which is directed by Nicholas Meyer. Privacy Spock is half human and half Vulcan has half the usual proportion of human emotions, because they are always sober, act as if it has human feelings very heroic reality. He makes a selection in the “Star Trek II”, which be a hero, crazy, or Vulcan. In making its decision, the film rises to one of the best scenes to him, because “Star Trek” stories were always best when they focus on their personalities. Although I loved the special effects in the first film, which probably was not the point. Fans of the TV series want to see again their favorite characters and “Trek II” to understand that the desire and focus on it.

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Time has passed since the last episode. Kirk pulled in an administrative role. Spock is management of the company, with many new faces on the team. The ship is on a mission to device configuration, a new invention which, as I understand it, a barren planet with abundant vegetation. Sister ship, the USS Reliant and planetary exploration without one’s life that seems to be dead, but to pick up their instruments, a tiny speck of life. Crew searched and found the planet through pathways called Khan, who was banned years ago by Kirk and meditation revenge then uninhabited sector.

villain. Heroes and tricks tend to repeat from film to film, can only be a great villain who tries to turn a great victory. Strangely, prisoners Khan our sympathy, even if it is evil man who goes into a poor creatures in the ear canal of the two crew members of society. Montalbán not overdo it. He plays the character as a man of deep pride hurt, that binds with hate Admiral Kirk is still stronger than the traditional rule of the universe bad desire. It is a battle in outer space in this film, especially inept that need more “Captain Video” with state of the art special effects.

I always like when we spacecraft can blast through the universe, and then work with these guns fired almost explodes dashboards and knock people off their feet. Somehow, though, I did a lot of battles, such as not very great care, because the story is not reliable. It is the sacrifice Spock, and is based on the identification and the general public during the years of the TV series. Perhaps because of this link, and the feeling that one episode may be more, but the company will continue, not the movie is not that it needs to be final in the traditional sense.

The film ends with “Star Trek” usually the last story, all about the task of the ship and its mission, and, of course, set up for a sequel. One can almost say that the last minutes of “Trek II” is the trailer for “Trek III ‘, but, no, it would not be in the business of the mind, does not it? Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with affection through closer spirit of the 1966-1969 television series that was born from. Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) escape boredom workbench to go with Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Dr. Leonard McCoy “Bones” (DeForest Kelley) in the second space mission.

While going where no man, etc., etc., Kirk crosses with his old enemy Khan (Ricardo Montalban), as well as any tractor, for example, rebel, and was the main opponent in the 1966 Trek television episode “Space Seed”. Leads a team of nearly wild space of prisoners, and hinted Khan in Genesis Project, which aims to introduce aquatic organisms, dead planets long ago. With the intention to use the program’s own authoritarian purposes, and is involved in a battle with Khan Foundation staff.

Now it seems that there’s more: After a big budget hole was huge ” Star Trek ”, and here comes the sequel worthy. The second Star Trek movie fast, fun and adventure, and do not forget pleading glad tool. And’kl first thing that should be, but it was not. As the title suggests, “” Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan ” has a much more powerful than its predecessor empty. This helps, but is not the only improvement. This film also contains lacks guile first quality that helped to win ” TV series “Star Trek” This is an incredibly dedicated.

Maybe it’s just that there are more and more bright flashing lights on the control panel of the Starship Enterprise, this time, or that fashion is much more intelligent, or that special effects are good to not draw attention to himself unnecessarily. Maybe it’s the director Robert Wise key The Hindenburg and The Sound of Music, Nicholas Meyer repeatedly, which brought the material more enthusiastic. In any case, something probably went this time very true. Mr. Shatner, Captain Kirk is the admiral now because of the young students ribs and unfortunately say things like.

Galloping in the universe is a game for young people. ” Mr. Nimoy, aka Mr. Spock, and now with the orphans -eared protected, a specialist young surprising Saavik (Christie Alley), which in their native language, which speaks Vulcan. Admiral Kirk, Spock and Saavik trust, not what was expected. ” E ‘up – the man,’ ‘he says. “” Said Spock ” Nobody is perfect Saavik. This step is a translation of subtitles Vulcan. This film is a new custom Star Trek at all not to worry, but just like the old one. Mr. Shatner makes more extensive input, surrounded by a halo of blue light. So Download Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.