The Horse Whisperer Full Movie

The Horse Whisperer

Original Name: The Horse Whisperer

Genre: Drama, Romance, Western

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 15 May 1998


The Horse Whisperer
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Download The Horse Whisperer Full Movie and it is 1998 Hollywood drama, romance and western film directed by Robert Redford. Teen Grace MacLean (Scarlett Johansson) and her best friend Judith (Kate Bosworth) depart early winter to their horses, Pilgrim and Gulliver driving.

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If you climb a slope of ice, flowing Gulliver and Pilgrim meet. Both horses fell, dragging the girls on a road and collided with a truck. Judith and Gulliver killed, while Grace and Pilgrim are both seriously injured. Tolerance, to the left with your right leg amputated part is bitter and withdrawn after the event. Meanwhile Pellegrino is traumatized and uncontrollable to the extent that it is proposed to be sacrificed.

Grace’s mother, Annie (Kristin Scott Thomas), a publisher with a strong character and magazine devoted to work, refusing to be sacrificed Pilgrim, somehow sensing that the restoration of Grace is linked pilgrims. Desperate for a way to heal find both Grace and Pilgrim, Annie loves a “Horse Whisperer”, Tom Booker (Robert Redford) in the remote mountains of Montana.

Tom agrees to help, but only if Grace is also involved in the process. Grace reluctantly agrees, and she and Annie will remain on the ranch where Booker Tom lives with his brother and his brother’s family. As a pilgrim and Grace slowly winning their trauma, Annie and Tom begins to develop a mutual attraction.

But both are reluctant to act on these feelings – Annie is married and Tom was completely shocked when his wife left him because she belonged to the city, not the ranch. Tom also asked to say grace at what’s with his pilgrimage and what you think the Pilgrims.

First Grace refuses, but eventually gathers his courage, tears and telling him about the incident. The status quo between Annie and Tom breaks when Robert MacLean (Sam Neill), the father of Grace and Annie’s husband, shows unexpectedly at the ranch.

Annie has always talked about his feelings for Tom and his love for his family. Soon, with the help of Tom, Grace finally takes the last step to heal itself and Pilgrim – runtime Pilgrim. As MacLean ready to leave the ranch Booker, Robert tells Annie that he knew that Annie was in love with Tom, and politely asks Annie to make your decision or the other way before going home.

Annie also like Tom could stay at the ranch, they also know that part of the city, including the wife of Tom. Annie was sent away from the farm, while Tom looks goes from the top of a hill. So Download The Horse Whisperer Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.