The Last Boy Scout Full Movie

The Last Boy Scout

Original Name: The Last Boy Scout

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 13 December 1991


The Last Boy Scout
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Download The Last Boy Scout Full Movie and it is 1991 Hollywood Action, Comedy and Crime film directed by Tony Scott. An action film very much of it’s time. There was apparently a lot of behind the scenes conflicts involving director Tony Scott being made to make changes to Shane Black’s script under pressure from star Bruce Willis and producer Joel Silver. The story of sleazy NFL backdoor dealings is not super original, but the charm of the the film mostly lie in the banter between Willis and reluctant partner, Damon Wayans.

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Though it sounds like Black’s script was changed, there is enough of his witty dialogue to make the film stand apart from most of the buddy cop films of this time (i.e. “Tango & Cash,” “Another 48 HRS,” etc.). Tony Scott also delivers some solid action scenes with his very 80s looking heavily smoked sets and penchant for stylized blue lighting. I’ve always like Scott’s visual style, though he never had the same kind of substance to his films as his brother Ridley. Tony’s films always seemed to only be as good as their scripts, therefore his films written by Shane Black, Richard Kelly, Brian Helgeland or Quentin Tarantino tended to be his better films (though “Enemy of the State” was also quite a lot of fun). But back to “The Last Boy Scout,” this film is also helped with a solid supporting cast.

Taylor Negron is a standout as the villainous Milo. Halle Berry is also memorable in an early small supporting part in the film. The rest of the supporting cast is rounded out by Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham, a pre-scream queen Danielle Harris, Bruce McGill and many familiar character actors including a pre “Sons of Anarchy” Kim Coates, Joe Santos, Clarence Felder, and bit parts for later famous types like Morris Chestnut, Eddie Griffin and James Gandolfini as a thug in a non-speaking and uncredited part.

Though the film is enjoyable enough of an action flick of it’s time, it also suffers from the action film cliches of it’s time; the shouting police captain, the many over directed sequences (i.e. “MTV” stylistics), but the worst is the main characters all standing and laughing at the end of the film fades out ALA “Police Squad.” Still, despite it’s faults and behind the scenes tinkering, this is a film that’s grown on me over the years. So Download The Last Boy Scout Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.