The Pink Panther 2006 Full Movie

The Pink Panther 2006

Original Name: The Pink Panther 2006

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.5

Country: ,

Release Date: 10 February 2006


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Download The Pink Panther 2006 Full Movie and it is Hollywood adventure, comedy and crime film directed by Shawn Levy. The film opens as president of the Inspector Charles Dreyfus flashback tells of a football match in the semi-final between France and China.

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French coach Yves Gluant down the pitch, wearing the Pink Panther diamond ring, and accept his girlfriend pop star Xania, after whispering something to them. After France’s victory in the match, Yves dies with a poison dart in his neck and the Pink Panther missing from his hand. Eager to win the Medal of Honor (Legion of Honor), Dreyfus enhances clumsy policeman and “village idiot” Jacques Clouseau, to the rank of inspector and appointed him to the case of the Pink Panther.

At the same time, Dreyfus combines a secret team of senior investigators to crack the case, and let Clouseau to serve as the public face of the investigation so focused media attention on Clouseau rather than the team’s Dreyfus. Dreyfus assigns Gilbert Ponton assistant Clouseau and Ponton instructs to keep it informed of the measures Clouseau. However, do not count on Dreyfus Boynton become good friends with Clouseau, and become remorseful for his orders.

Is shot in the head by an unknown assailant in the locker room for the team – Bizu, the French football player who had a relationship with Xania – and thus is the main suspect in the murder of Gluant. While in the casino to gain information, Clouseau faced British secret agent 006, Nigel Boswell. Boswell thwart a robbery at the casino by the notorious “gas masked bandits,” using Clouseau trenchcoat to hide his identity. Clouseau receive credit for the work of an error in the press, and was nominated for the Medal of Honor, which led to the Dreyfus scare. ”

Clouseau follows Xania to New York City on suspicion that she knows more than she says. However, despite the insistence of Boynton which is probably one of the suspects because of Gluant betrayed, Clouseau decides Xania innocent. At the same time, based on the fact that the poison that killed Gluant derived from Chinese herbs, Dreyfus concludes that the killer is a Chinese envoy named Dr. Pang.

Now ready to take the case and win the Medal of Honor, Dreyfus has one of his officers switch Clouseau bag complete with one of the weapons at the airport for the return trip to France. Bag kicks off the metal detector at the security gate and Clouseau is arrested because of his inability to “hamburger” pronunciation correctly. Upon his return to France, and the press offend him and Dreyfus stripped him of his rank for “trying to become a hero.” Chief Inspector plots now to arrest publicly Dr. Pang at the Presidential Ball, where Xania will also be performing.

At home, Clouseau read an article on the Internet about his arrest when he noticed something important in the picture, which is believed that the solution to this issue. Of the picture, and he concludes that the killer will try next to kill Xania, and communications Boynton. Two detectives from the rush to the Elysee Palace and infiltration in the presidential ball. While Dreyfus publicly detain Dr Pang on charges of double murder, Clouseau Boynton save the lives of Xania by capturing her would-be assassin, Yuri, and the football team Russian coach; Yuri thinks he is the one who helped the team to achieve success, in spite of Gluant took all the credit .

Clouseau explains that each national football team coach is required under the statute to have knowledge of Chinese herbs (accounting for leap that Yuri tingling in the neck Gluant l). Then explains that killed Yuri Bizu, after the latter blackmail him, using the Russian military tactics. Then Clouseau reveals that Yuri tried to kill Xania revenge for separated him while she was dating Gluant. It also concludes that Clouseau of the Pink Panther diamond never stolen, but is sewn in the lining of the purse Xania; and received from Xania Gluant as an engagement ring.

She had kept it secret, believing that if she came forward with diamonds, everyone thinks they have done it, and that can destroy her singing career. Clouseau explains that he saw a diamond in the picture on the internet of his arrest, which showed portfolio Xania luggage scanner at the airport, but he concludes that Xania is the rightful owner of the ring, as he gave her Gluant before his death.

In order to solve this issue successfully, Clouseau wins the Medal of Honor. While leaving with Boynton, in the wake of the ceremony, Clouseau gets accidentally jacket Dreyfus arrested in his car. He is still oblivious to the cries of Dreyfus while he was driving away. Clouseau and Ponton visit him later in the hospital. After Clouseau wish him luck, he accidentally releases the brake on the bed Dreyfus; and bed races through the hospital and cast Dreyfus in the Seine River, chanting the name of Clouseau in anger as he takes the plunge. So Download The Pink Panther 2006 Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.