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Uncommon Valor

Original Name: Uncommon Valor

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.3


Release Date: 16 December 1983


Uncommon Valor
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Download Uncommon Valor Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action AND Drama film of 1983 which is directed by Ted Kotcheff. Colonel Rhodes (Gene Hackman), a retired naval officer, is hoping that his son, believed to be a prisoner of war in Laos, still alive. Despite the government’s refusal to help Rhodes, assemble a group to find and rescue his son, including specialized soldiers, Wilkes (Fred Ward) and Sailor (Randall “Tex” Cobb). Funded by MacGregor (Robert Stack), a wealthy executive also looking for his son, Rhodes leads his men on a dangerous mission into the jungle in Laos.

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The basic idea of ??”Brothers of the Night” is so interesting is that all you can do to make a routine formula film. But they do. The idea: A career Colonel suspected his son still remains a prisoner of war in Laos, and organizing a group of old friends from the army for his son to come and get him alive. The story is similar to Col. Bo Gritz real adventure, and displaying scenes from “The Deer Hunter” in which Robert De Niro found for Christopher Walken Vietnam. It has real potential to combine the action with emotion. And the first-class talent assembled for “Brothers last night,” suggests that the filmmakers hoped to. The director Ted Kotcheff that strong male action films as “North Dallas Forty” and the story of Sylvester Stallone Viet-know “First Blood” was made. And the star of Gene Hackman where the heart is combined with the threats and all actors in the movies.

Anyway, they will come to this forced march through two hours of clichés. The tear film ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and many small films, gives us three basic elements: the computer assembly and testing of the raid. Midway through the opening scenes, we say the lines seen the actors. Hackman we will find most of the old friends of her son. We know who will participate in a variety of lifestyles in peacetime. Not surprisingly, the partner is a surfer, a sculptor, a businessman in white and a prisoner. They left the Angel of Hell and the priest. Then comes the scenes trials with a model of the camp. Needed to set the peak gain; We see the dry spores than the real thing seem more exciting.

All this comes with front leg predictability. It is a first attempt to intrigue, because we see that the mysterious types CIA spy in training. But then they will know Texas millionaire who is funding the mission – and that’s it. One of the hardest parts of the film is how unsurprising surprises born in us. Veterans unite in education, for example, by an inexperienced boy. What are you doing there? Do you think the younger brother disappeared Pow would believe? I Would. In fact, I thought the minutes revealed to Hackman.

Convincing in action movies, the actors seem somewhat predictable. Upsets happen. The strength results can be unpredictable. “Brothers of the Night”, however, is one of those movies where the actors act sometimes annoying in a way that makes sense only if you know what will happen. They run around because they know that an enemy is about to appear. They established a series of explosions in the way that they know the enemy wants. Everything is cut and dried. By the time you reach the end of the exceptionally successful film, which is ready to break free from any and theater. Brothers of the Night is a 1983 film with action / war written by Joe Gayton and directed by Ted Kotcheff, an officer in the US Navy, bringing together a team to treat your child, he believes is among those still trapped saved Laos after the Vietnam War. The film with Gene Hackman, Fred Ward, Reb Brown, Robert Stack, Michael Dudikoff and an appearance in the initial, Patrick Swayze screen.

It takes place in early 1980 and is associated with the topic Vietnam War POW / MIA retired Marine Colonel Jason Rhodes (Gene Hackman) is obsessed with finding her son, Frank, listed as “Missing in Action” 1972 . After ten years of research in Southeast Asia and raise several cables, Rhodes thinks Frank is still alive and held as a prisoner of war in Laos.

Following a petition to the US government for help, but no one receives, Colonel Rhodes gives a heterogeneous group of Vietnam veterans, including some that are part of the team of Frank Wilkes (Fred Ward) was a ‘rat tunnel “suffering post-traumatic stress disorder; “Blaster” a demolition expert (Reb Brown); and “Sailor”, a mental case with a heart of gold (Randall “Tex” Cobb). In addition, two helicopter pilots, Distinguished Flying Cross recipient Johnson (Harold Sylvester) and diagrams (Tim Thomerson) joined the group. The former Force Recon Marine Kevin Scott (Patrick Swayze) joins the team and then the son of a pilot who was shot down in Vietnam and appears as “MIA” is becomes.

With the financial support of an oil rich businessman McGregor (whose son served in the bunch Frank and is also listed as one of the missing) (Robert Stack), people who practice near Galveston, Texas, before embarking on your trip Laos to the area in an attempt to pow support. But the CIA, fearing an international crisis by the actions of Rhodes “, heard in Bangkok and confiscated their weapons and equipment. Still determined to rescue his fellow team members pool their pocket money are given by McGregor , Rhodes and contacts acquaintance, deposited Jiang local drug dealer (Kwan Hi Lim) that the expedition combines his two daughters Lai Fun (Alice Lau Nga Lai) and Mai Lin (Debi Parker) and can give them obsolete weapons of WWII , but the state. During Charts shipping way gradually a relationship with Lai fun.

Near the border with Laos, the group is attacked killed by a border patrol and Mai Lin. Later, the group split: Rhodes takes Charts, Sailor and Johnson Lai pleasure to ensure a connection with transport helicopter escape, while the rest of the exploration team out of camp. Four Americans are among the prisoners, but is unable to determine the presence of France in their midst.

The teams will spend the night with the preparations, and the next morning to start the attack. In a heated battle manage to jump prisoners, including the son McGregor, but Frank is not one of them dead, and Blaster, Sailor and Jiang in the process. McGregor, Rhodes has to learn that his son went wrong shortly after his arrest and died despite the efforts of McGregor. The joy returner received by his family, and Rhodes pointing to learn the fate of his son, who has a closure for him and his wife.

Say White and the Seven Dwarfs, belonging to real artistic achievements of this country does not have much value. In fact, outside Chaplin, Disney’s Hollywood is the only name that every doctor corn arts and culture dare call without fear of losing face or feel the other side of having too much about it. This is said to be Disney, but enjoyed by all ages, but is licensed and simplify tell stories to children who granted his chosen medium to start. It is not easy to do fun things for the kids, but the most complex area of ??adult relationships are very serious in their demands.

White is a fairy tale, certainly the most lively and happy and love in the world; done in color, photographed at different levels to add depth and drive about one and a half hours. Some of the stories have a riot, some have even been more tender. But this is a persistent fantasy, lifted caricature. The Fairy Princess is exactly what it is; Witch is a perfect tone for Lionel Barrymore (no coincidence, I suppose); and the Seven Dwarfs is ideally humanized with roughly the same technology, but each one is a species composition, it is not recognized. The animals are obviously so uncomfortable studied and implemented as they always have been.

Artists and animators at Disney is practical zoological, closer to real animals as someone endowed with human traits have the benefit of the fable. Take the young deer in the small stage where life in the forest meets for the first time around White: shy but smelled ahead, as she begins to caress his head down, ears back, reducing the body and tensed, ready to dear thereof; Calm, body and head come and drive the transferred half a dozen artful hand movements common cat.

Or take the road (later) the same deer moves uncomfortable and unstable in their long legs in animals crush is running as it should be, but right now is graceful in flight, in the presence as a flash. Disney has animals that reproduce for comedy, as the tortoise here, lusty vultures, bird whose musical attempts have an alternative source of pride and shame their parents (in a final, it will be up to eight inches right to increase from Tip); but even in these cases, the exaggeration based on the typical shape and property.

The story is familiar in its simple imagination. The castle, with its black arts stepmother, Snow White escape the forest and keep house for young men; Witch searching for it with the girl’s death in life; Finally, the young prince who break the spell. But all the Disney Fantasy starts with a simple frame of the story: the main part of the thing is incident. And those events based on a solid foundation in the reality of everyday life, serving superb (dwarfs, witches, Alchemy) constant or fill in the facts or matter-of-awesome in itself through a seemingly logical development of normal form and function.

So the fairy dwarfs in their diamond mine and at home, minding his own business in a very natural way, excavation, evaluation, classification, leaving dirty dishes and bedtime. And for birds and animals, invasion of empty houses with jerky shy suitable for them as real birds and animals, attack help the girl clean with very little natural abilities (the tail of the squirrel brush bottle, other queues for brooms and dusters, clear the cobwebs birds, flying leaves).

There has never been anything in the theater quite like Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” seven functions cartoon in Technicolor an entertainment takes place absorbingly interesting and sometimes exciting. So perfect is an illusion, so tender romance and fantasy, so emotional parts when the actions of the characters are similar to human players sincerity depth, the film is about the true greatness. It is an inspired and inspiring work, the commercial success of which marked especially strong statements of overseas due to mechanical ease with which all languages ??can be synchronized with the action.

More than two years, $ 1 million is needed by personnel Disney, directed by David Hand, to complete the film. In a preface makes a compliment neat Disney animators, designers and composers whose combined efforts have produced a work of art. No less than 62 names of the employees are sealed in the credits as the heads of the various divisions of labor. The best compliment I go to Disney himself lead all efforts to collect a special design that bears the mark of a creative imagination.

The superlative skill Disney, who often showed in earlier short cartoons as “The Three Little Pigs,” the tortoise and the hare “,” Country Cousin “and the unstoppable Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is an indication As the” Show White. “The Lord is not a short film. It says an hour and 20 minutes from the beautiful story of a plan and the new pattern on the screen.

While a marvel of skill of its producers, “Snow White” no later mental wanderings during its decommissioning. The opening shows the cover of the book of fairy tales. Sides to jump to the story of the little princess fleeing jealous queen stepmother. Then, to move the guide of charming music and appropriate sound effects, the figures drawn from the story through his adventures with realism, which is enhanced by the visual poetry. So Download Uncommon Valor Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.