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Walking with the Enemy

Original Name: Walking with the Enemy

Genre: Action, Drama, History

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.6


Release Date: 13 October 2013


Walking with the Enemy
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Download Walking with the Enemy Full Movie and it is 2013 Hollywood action, drama and history film directed by Mark Schmidt. One of the most harrowing experiences as reported in the 2003 documentary “Heroes untrue,” History of Rosenbaum feels as if you pressed the parameters of traditional earnest at the beginning of a criminal scene Semitism invade that are stand-fiction, Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong) and his friends thrown out of a nightclub.

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And “the spring of 1944, and Hungary, although the alliance, Axis has so far largely resisted efforts Hitler to deport the Jews en masse. But with the end of the war in sight, only intensified the determination of Germany and soon marching Nazis in Budapest, where Elek, family and friends have been deprived of their liberty, subject to a curfew and forced to wear yellow stars. While the father rabbi (Richard Albrecht) an eye horror horizon, showing Elek unusual collection, monitoring and anticipating the start; He is also very lucky, escaped from death in a labor camp, but not until he had for himself knows cruelty enemy.

Back to Budapest now occupied by SS troops and members of a new force, called anti-Semitic extremist group the Hungarian Arrow Cross, Elek shaken, but also encouraged by his past experiences that defy death, when his girlfriend Hannah (Hannah Tointon) almost raped in front his family with two SS soldiers, ending in surprising and decisive action. It is a brutal scene for a number of reasons, and when it ends, the two soldiers are dead and above all, have Elek uniform, with his perfect knowledge of the German parody and more will be sent to a Nazi.

In real life, Rosenbaum earned an Arrow Cross uniform, no SS and cooked in circumstances far less dramatic. But given the relative lack of Tales of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust film canon (“Inglourious Basterds” neutral revenge fantasy Quentin Tarantino though), is undoubtedly provoke although sometimes straining credulity see Elek wear a suit, running under stress, ordering officials fire and many Jews leading security to be implemented, while barking officers Arrow Cross puzzled that dares to ask to stop their actions. Critical to the success of Elek is Hannah, who quickly falls in love, and Glass House, a refuge where many Jews sought refuge in the false pretense that has Swiss citizenship.

Screenplay by Kenny Golde (based on a story by Schmidt and producer Randy Williams) deviates sometimes fire from Regent Miklos Horthy Elek Hungary, a controversial figure whose complex heritage including his futile attempts to keep the conditions in Germany competition and the protection of Hungarian Jews still subject of much discussion. Horthy is here played by Ben Kingsley (who told me “unlikely heroes”) summarizes the widest character in the film, shown here as a leader who, caught between two powerful forces opposing views German and Soviet wrongly decided that Hitler was the lesser of two evils. The Führer himself is happy never displayed, but let too many of his subordinates as Adolf Eichmann (Charles Hubbell) and Otto Skorzeny (Simon Kunz), all murderess stiff-backed and prone to barking threats “Breach Berlin is treason!”

The decision to study this complex situation is admirable, even when it reveals the persistent approach essentially Schmidt during the filling of the film to 126 minutes in length. The story of Elek to shy exciting sometimes brutal unwatchably otherwise be never exceed weakness script to the Convention, with dialogue, with a focus on declarative and explanatory. (“This paper is the life of a person,” “Thank God the bullet only grazed him,” etc.) notes in a sea of melodramatic temporary and near-death encounters that leave no doubt about the heroism of the protagonist, but costs just like the real experience of Rosenbaum’s another thing.

The show is a mixture; Armstrong is not particularly qualified in the role of brutal Elek and spicy, but it creates a strong rooting interest and invite requirement Teutonic cruelty when he is called to imitate a Nazi, which is alarming frequency. Despite an active result, production is firmly in the management of resources and setpieces tanks, soldiers, battle scenes, bombed-out buildings that would not be out of place in a study considerably more expensive projects funded. The heroic efforts Pinchas Rosenbaum and Hungarian Jews who were in rebellion against the Nazis during World War II deserve much better than going with the enemy. Debut director of the brand Schmidt and his nine authors offer only one overwrought melodrama clumsy.

Walking with the Enemy is facing one of these film critic puzzle: find a story to tell, you have a movie should be avoided. On the one hand, the documents Rosenbaum (renamed here Elek Cohen) and his compatriots refute the idea that the Jews were willing to slaughter. Schmidt also the movie looks like a soap category Second Crusade with a superhero action movie and a box that can only be described as shameful. You know those words generators internet? Half of the dialogue with the enemy sounds like it came from “Talk like a character in World War II.” Where Hogan when you need him?

Shot with all the art of a History Channel miniseries, the first half hour of the film is a mistake Schmidt rhythm, pre-Nazi Hungary extended configuration. The Second World War is entering the last year and the German-allied nation has reached usually sit on the bench. But with Stalin closed from Adolf Eichmann this and decided to make their plans for the stairs Jewish genocide, is Miklos Horthy (Ben Kingsley), Regent of Hungary, a political sword and the wall. This means that the Jews daily as Elek Cohen (played by Robin Hood Jonas Armstrong) now has a target on his back. First Hungarian youths called from work required to support the German war effort, and then their families are controlled on trains to concentration camps of Hitler.

To attack bigotry informally in the ballroom of the area to escape the German occupation from a labor camp with Swiss diplomats who use embassy “glass house” as a haven for Jewish refugees, we would like to go for a lot with the enemy to the point of the story of Elek Cohen. About an hour or so on, our hero is forced to defend his love interest raped by a couple of SS officers. Dead men will eventually become a real opportunity for heroism. When a colleague captured by militias Arrow Cross (Hungarian fascists allied with the Nazis), pulls the SS uniform to rescue him from their clutches. This causes him to act as a member of the Gestapo and save more Jews from the firing squad. As a superhero, infiltrate enemy ranks and wander the streets of Budapest, appears just in time to stop a massacre. These documents courage outweighed by the subplots in court where Eichmann mustache and Kingsley (whose mere presence raises every scene there) wring their hands.

Unfortunately, Elek not so much a person like a cardboard cutout of a hero. When not save the Jews, forced into painful cliche cloying sentimentality and melodrama: the delivery of a button nose orphan local monastery, tortured see his best friend, and express their love (and doubts) in girlfriend, Hannah (British actress Hannah Tointon struggling to maintain a Hungarian accent). Schmidt stage action in wartime competent enough and makes good use of their positions in Budapest, but when there is a break in the fighting, the film is mush. Emotional obvious, clumsy and ridiculous script acted, Walking with the Enemy meant well, but its implementation is about desperately short. There is no doubt that the role of Hungary during World War II deserve to know. Hopefully a group worthy filmmaker says one day. Walking with the Enemy plays. It is rated PG-13 and lasts 126 minutes. So Download Walking with the Enemy Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.