White Chicks Full Movie

White Chicks

Original Name: White Chicks

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.3


Release Date: 23 June 2004


White Chicks
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Download White Chicks Full Movie and it is 2004 Hollywood crime and Comedy film directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. FBI agent Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus Copeland (Marlon Wayans), to destroy a mission to catch an illegal sale and sc

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olded by boss Gordon.
The boss will not leave them during the presentation of kidnappings and ransoms beam, which should serve as an ex-con Ted Burton, and invites other agents who are willing to act as bodyguards Brittany and Tiffany Wilson who think the next target.

No one accepts, so when Kevin and Marcus broke, pray that case, who got the job. Sisters picked up from the airport and take them to the Hamptons. Along the way, the group gets into a fight and crashes into the side of the road, the sisters have received cuts on their faces. The sisters refuse to go to the Hamptons with cuts on their faces, as they compete for the Hamptons magazine cover models and agents are, for fear of ruining the wrath of his boss to another command, decide to go undercover as the Wilson sisters prosthesis with heavy makeup.

In the hotel, Kevin and Marcus find another undercover FBI Special Harper and Gomez as the hotel staff and chef Gordon as manager. Dear friends of Wilson, “Karen, Lisa, sisters and publicist Tori and achieve their main rivals for the cover of Hamptons, twins Megan and Heather Vandergeld.

They learn that Karen is in love and sleep with the guy Heather Heath; although Heather Heath promises to leave her, he admits that his friend Russ who will not let you Heather, while having a business relationship with your father. Kevin was injured by journalist Denise Porter. While buying a dress for charity dinner, his wife Gina Marcus called and take the background out of context to believe that he is cheating.

Meanwhile, Latrell Spencer falls in love with Tiffany, unknown to him as Marcus, and during the auction will pay $ 50,000 for a date, the date embarrassing $ 20,000 by Heather Heath. Kevin, like the UK, shows that Denise wants to find a man full of dates and Latrell and date Tiffany steal car keys and house Latrell and goes on a date with Denise Latrell.

Denise falls for him, and gives valuable information that unconsciously Ted Burton subtracted million and there is no reason to kidnap money.Later, Kevin and Marcus disco and spoiled twins Vandergeld in a dance contest, but the euphoria of their group dies when Karen was shocked to see Heather Heath, and drank it seems that Vandergelds broken and Mr. Vandergeld recently the father borrowed money to keep your home is paid.

After the credit card Gina refused, discovers that Mark has bought an expensive suit in the Hamptons and goes to confront him, and leaves him angry when he sees Brittany Wilson, Kevin ignorance. Wilson sisters find true dance competition at the news and realizes gradually replaced and go to the hotel. Gomez and Kevin Harper and Marcus sneak into the room and found that there are cheaters Wilson and stripes, improperly real sisters Wilson to the head, and are suspended. The head is in front of Marcus and Kevin and shoot.So Download White Chicks Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.