X-Men Full Movie


Original Name: X-Men

Genre: Action, Adventure, Movies, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.4


Release Date: 14 July 2000


2.75 (55%) 4 votes

Download X-Men Full Movie and it is 2000 Hollywood action, adventure and science fiction film directed by Bryan Singer. In 1944, the Germans occupied Poland, 13 years old, Erik Lehnsherr separated from their parents when you come into a concentration camp. When you are trying to reach them, creating a set of double doors metal to him, as if drawn by a magnetic force. Decades later, Senator Robert Kelly try a “Mutant Registration Act” in Congress, which would have forced mutants for their identity and their ability to go public.

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This Lehnsherr (McKellen), now known as Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier telepathically, privately discuss their different views on the relationship between humans and mutants. In Meridian, Mississippi, 17, Marie accidentally put his friend in a coma after the kiss, which was caused by his unknown human ability to harness the power of life and abilities of anyone she touches absorbs mutants. In fear, Marie, now known as Rogue flights to Laughlin City, Alberta. Even in a bar meets Logan (Jackman), an experienced hand in hand fighter known as “Wolverine”, which also has healing human abilities, heightened senses and metal claws that protrude from his knuckles. Even on the road together, both attacked by Sabretooth, partner and member of the mutant Magneto.

At the station, Wolverine, Rogue convinces stay with Xavier, but gives a struggle when Magneto, Sabretooth and Toad are kidnapping and Rogue. Kelly arrives at the Xavier School, shortly before his death because of the instability of artificial mutation. X-Men learn that Magneto greatly weakened during the testing of the machine on Kelly, and realize that you are going to use the ability to transfer power to Rogue so you can feed the machine in place, to the desire to kill. Xavier tries to use Cerebro to locate the bad, but the sabotage of the mystic falls into a coma. Telepath Fellow corrections and Jean Grey uses Cerebro, Magneto curriculum placing the device induces point mutations in Liberty Island, and use it to change the world leaders at the summit in nearby Ellis Island.

X-Men go up the Statue of Liberty, Storm and Wolverine shocked by Sapo Mystique, Magneto and Sabretooth before closing the group and continue with their plans. Magneto transferred his powers to Rogue, forcing them to start the machine. Wolverine escapes and defeats Sabretooth. Storm uses her powers, climate control, and Jean uses telekinesis to lift Wolverine in the top of the machine Magneto. Wolverine Rogue saves when the right to Cyclops Magneto, and destroys the machine. Wolverine hit his face on the Rogue die, their regenerative capacity over to her, allowing her to recover.

Professor Xavier recovers from his coma. The group learns that the mystic is still alive, and passed by Senator Kelly. Xavier tells Wolverine that close to where he was in Canada is an abandoned military base that may contain information about their past. Xavier visiting Magneto in a cell made entirely of plastic, and two chess. Magneto warns continue their struggle, which promises to Xavier and the X-Men will always be there to stop him. So Download X-Men Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.